Mobile Home Decision

Our land neighbor put his mobile home and additional 13 acres up for sale.  His land butts up to ours and so we had this crazy notion to purchase it, sell our house, and finally get to move out to our beloved land.  I was hesitant to want to buy a mobile home at first because after all we do live in Oklahoma, tornado alley, but after a lot of prayer and going over our budget we decided it was the best way for us to get out on our land, pay off our debt faster, and begin saving our money to build our future home on the pad site on our land; plus, provide us with a potential rental property once we build.  The goal now is to fix up the mobile really awesome and pay off all the land and mobile debt.  Of course plans can change but that is what our hopes are for now.  We close on the mobile in August.  I have some really great ideas to make it look like an amazing home!  I can’t wait to share the progress with you!!  Stay tuned!

Here are some pictures of what the mobile looks like now from the current residence. It has some great bones and we have great plans to make it beautiful and functional for our family.

Mobile Home

 Notice the storm shelter in the mid left of the picture above?  That is what really sold me. Yay for a storm shelter!!


Ewwww!!! Popcorn ceilings!! That will be fun to get rid of. :/


Vinyl walls…they’ve gotta go!


Bye, bye carpet!!

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