Demolition Day!

  We started off by pulling down the drywall.  For a step by step how to remove drywall click here.

These pictures were taken with my phone so they are not the clearest but you can get the idea.

Sarah Iphone 397

Sarah Iphone 398

My little karate boys always wanted to know what it felt like to punch through a wall or kick a door down.  This was the perfect opportunity to release their inner ninja.  They punched and kicked their little hearts outs.  Unfortunately, they didn’t know they were going to have to pick up all the little pieces of drywall off the floor. That part wasn’t so much fun.

Sarah Iphone 402

We also took out the carpet which was very challenging because in mobile homes they lay the flooring down before they put the walls in.  We had to use a box knife to cut all the carpet out of each room.  It was a much easier task for Matt but quite the workout for me. Sarah Iphone 406


Next, we took out all the inside walls. Once we started taking things out, we couldn’t stop.  We just kept going.

Sarah Iphone 415

We also took out the shower in the boys bathroom.


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