Building the walls


Once everything was removed from the home that we no longer wanted, it was time to rebuild all the interior walls.  The boy’s rooms were both expanded a little which gave them more bedroom space.  It made the living room just a tiny bit smaller but we barely notice. We removed Isaac’s closet and built him a little walk-in closet where a built-in shelf used to sit on the other side of his bedroom wall in the living room.  Matt made the interior walls stronger with 2x4s on 16″ centers instead of the flimsy 1x3s and 2x3s interior walls that the mobile originally had.  He also put in 2×12 headers for the doorways.

DSCN6151 DSCN6152 DSCN6155 DSCN6156 DSCN6161 DSCN6163

While Matt was busy building the walls, the boys and I got the very glamorous job of pulling out staples from the outer walls. In our mobile home the outside walls are 2x6s which are great, BUT they like to glue and staple the crap out of the drywall during the installation.  I guess they just want to make sure it really stays on there. You’d think mobile home builders are afraid of the Sheetrock falling off the walls while driving it down the road! Ha! Who knows.  We enjoyed getting to scrape off old drywall and glue that was stuck to the wood and pulled out thousands of staples.  I hope you can hear the sarcasm in my voice because nothing about that job was enjoyable.  It was terrible, horrible, awful!! Many hours and days later we finished and the outer walls were ready for the new drywall.

Here is a picture of our oldest son pulling out staples from the wall.  We used fencing pliers and linesman pliers to get the job done.

DSCN6133Here is another picture of our oldest who was supposed to be scraping the wall: I guess he’s taking a break.  We literally used a flat pry bar with a beveled edge. It was a great arm workout.


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