Drywall installation

For step by step instructions on how to install drywall click here.

This was another very long process for us as Matt and our oldest son did all the work themselves. As mentioned above, to see how to install drywall click on the link above.

Before the drywall could be put up we opted for insulating the interior walls.  We installed R13 fiberglass insulation.  This was my job and I would strongly suggest wearing gloves and long sleeves for this project. The fiberglass can be a little itchy and irritating if it makes contact with your skin.  I started at the top by the ceiling stapling the fiberglass backing into the wood studs and using about six staples on each side from top to bottom to secure the insulation in between the wall studs.  It is a very easy procedure and you can knock it out in a short period of time.




We used moisture resistant drywall (MR drywall) for the bathroom so it could withstand the added moisture present in a bathroom; especially after a long, hot shower.  Sarah Iphone 490
Sarah Iphone 488

Throughout the home we installed the drywall horizontally except for the middle bathroom because vertical sheets actually created less waste and fewer seams.  When installing drywall horizontally we placed screws (1-5/8″ coarse drywall screws) every 12″ vertically and on each wooden stud.  For added ease we had our kids and friends make small marks at the top and bottom of each stud so that it made it easy to hit the center of the studs with the screws.  Also, we used an 8′ level lining up the top and bottom marks and then drawing a line on the drywall marking each 12″ spot to place the screw.  DSCN6261In this picture you can see the line we drew on the ceiling as well as a line down the drywall sheet.


This project works best if you have at least two people.  Our oldest son was such a huge help to Matt with the installation.  When making cuts to the drywall, we used a T-square and box blade to score the line, then snapped the drywall finishing it with the box blade.  Again for more details you’ll need to click here.DSCN6268

DSCN6392Below is a good reference for marking the lines

This is the master bedroom ready for mud and tape. DSCN6277

Another view of the master bedroomDSCN6276Dining room finished and ready for mud and tape. DSCN6271

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