New Electrical

Once the new walls were in Matt had to run all new electrical through the walls.  Because we are using half inch drywall, Matt simply used a permanent marker to mark each electrical box at a half inch depth so it made it quicker to install.

DSCN6178 Matt followed the electrical code by installing light switches at 48″ and receptacle boxes at 12″. However, the kitchen and bathroom switches and receptacles (GFCI receptacles) are set at different heights due to counter-top height, access to water, etc.  He ran the wires through the center of the wall studs at 6″ so that there would be no issue when installing drywall screws.  Depending upon the load of each electrical circuit in the home, usually 14 gauge is sufficient.  However, Matt recommends 12 gauge solid core wire as a rule of thumb because it gives your greater load options when building your circuits. Sarah Iphone 495 Anytime you are working with or installing electrical circuits, it would be wise to seek the help of a licensed electrician especially if it is new construction.Sarah Iphone 498
Sarah Iphone 499
Sarah Iphone 500
Sarah Iphone 501

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