Mud, Tape, and Paint

What had me singing at the top of my lungs?  The sounds of sweet relief, that’s what! The only things we had planned to hire out for this massive home remodel was the mud and taping process for the drywall.  We wanted smooth walls and knew a professional would have to do it to get the look we wanted.  As we neared time for the guys to come out and do their thing, Matt decided to go ahead and have them paint as well.  That is what got me excited.  Painting all the walls for a 2,400 square foot home felt daunting to me.  I was afraid afterwards I would never want to paint again.  I was so thrilled to walk in, after doing so much ourselves already, to see the walls finally complete and I didn’t have to do any painting (except for the trim).  As we’ve mentioned before, the guest bathroom, master bathroom, and laundry room are an exception, as we have done nothing to them at this point. They are projects for later down the road.

Mud and tape…getting so close!!!

 Freshly painted walls…sigh! ♥

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