Is it the Front Door or the Back Door?

Our property is on a dead end gravel road with a handful of other families.  Upon turning down this road one would see our property first with what appears to be the front of the house facing the road, but as you keep driving you are actually taken   behind the house.  When folks pull into our driveway they are looking at the back of the house.  Guest have two options a.) go to the side door which will take them through my laundry room (I don’t think so), or b.) walk through the grass all the way around the house to the front door.  The first time I came to this home was for Matt and I to introduce ourselves as the new land neighbors next door.  We weren’t sure what door to use so we walked around to the front of the house.  The grass was wet and a little muddy.  I knew I was going to have to take my boots off if they invited us inside or insist on staying on the porch otherwise, I was going to track mud all through their house.  After purchasing this property one of my first concerns was to have a real front door.  When people pull up, I want them to have a nice little pathway that will lead them to an obvious front door, not one on the other side of the home or one that will take them through the laundry room.  Matt once again came through as my night and shining armor and devised a plan to give me just that.  This home had two living rooms so we decided to make one of those living rooms our dining room and the small space that was originally allotted for the dining room would now be our main foyer.  We took out one of the windows in the back of the house and made it the door. This side of the house is now the front of the house according to me. 🙂  Once Spring comes along we will work on making cozy decks and porches for both sides, our “new” front and the “new” back.

The “before” view from the driveway.


The Process…

DSCN6192 DSCN6193 DSCN6194 DSCN6195 DSCN6196 DSCN6197 DSCN6198 DSCN6199 DSCN6200 DSCN6201 DSCN6202 DSCN6203 DSCN6204 DSCN6205 DSCN6208 DSCN6496 Sarah Iphone 462 Sarah Iphone 463

The end result! Apparently, I haven’t taken a picture of the outside except these two pictures that I was trying to get of the moon.  It was so big and pretty but hard to see that in the pictures.  The lighter one is with my cell phone, thus the grainy texture. We painted the inside section a dark gray “Anonymous” SW 7046 by Sherwin Williams. It looks so good, it is making me anxious to redo the rest of the siding.  Busy, busy Spring coming up.

DSCN6267Sarah Iphone 509

Better pictures coming soon…if I remember. 😉

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