Horrible Dream

Last night I had a horrible dream.  I dreamt my wife had passed away and I was left to pick up the pieces without my best friend beside me.  In my dream I can remember pouring out my heart to my dad about Sarah and I’s daily routine:  wake up together and talk as she makes my breakfast and packs my lunch, a hug and kiss with I love you before I get in my truck, texts and talking throughout the day as I work, talking to her on my way home from work, opening the back door to give me a kiss after another days work, eating dinner together, hanging out as a family, and then going to sleep together.  I thought I had lost it all in a moment and would never experience a day like that again:  needless to say, I woke up crying just wanting to hold her one more time.  I write this not to merely move your heart but to encourage everyone who reads this to hug, kiss, and talk with the ones you love TODAY.  As we all know, none of us are promised tomorrow nor even our next breath, so, make sure those who are near to you know how much you love them and don’t live today without first hugging those who mean so much to you.


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