A few nights ago, I was in the middle of a deep and meaningful conversation with my son as I was tucking him into bed.  I could hear Matt in the next room opening the door to let our dog, Chief, come back inside from his final trip to the potty before bed.  The house was turned down and everyone was ready to go to bed and end our busy day.  I heard Matt call for me from the other room with a concerned tone in his voice, so I immediately got up to go see what he needed.  The second I stepped out of our son’s room an invisible cloud swept over me with an unexpected force.  My eyes began to sting and my throat tightened, barely allowing me to breath.  The air was filled with a putrid aroma. The sheer magnitude of the smell made me want to vomit.  It was a familiar smell although; I had never experienced it at such high levels of concentration. It was SKUNK! Our curious little pup tried to befriend a skunk during his potty break but was clearly rejected by the snobby little monster. Suddenly, the house was alive once again.  Chief went straight into the bath but it was too late, the horrific aroma filled the whole house.









That next morning, my house still reeked to high heaven.  In a desperate attempt to clean the air, I opened all the windows and cleaned everything in sight.  My bedroom seemed to have the strongest smell.  I could not figure out why.  As I was cleaning up my room that morning and making my bed I noticed Chief’s flea and tick collar laying on the floor.  Why had I not made sure that was thrown out with his other collar the night before?  I guess this smaller collar seemed too insignificant to worry about.  Surely it wouldn’t carry the horrid scent like the bigger, cloth collar would.  I had woken up several times the night before from the skunk aroma being so overwhelmingly strong in my room. I felt like I was eating it and it was choking me.  It made my eyes water.  It had to of been from this silly collar because although Chief was bathed he was not allowed back in our room that night and the strongest scent was definitely in our room. How could something so small and insignificant consume me and choke me out like it had?

As God often does with me, he shows me little lessons in the light of every day circumstances.  As I pondered this experience, I remembered back to a lesson I heard in church many years ago about sin being like poop in brownies.  Even if you add the tiniest bit of poop to your brownies, the whole thing will be contaminated.  Similarly, the tiniest bit of sin can consume your life.  If we want “clean air” or “edible brownies”, we can’t allow even a small, insignificant amount of contamination, we have to get rid of it completely, every trace of it!  If we don’t, it will consume us.  So today, I’m asking myself, what “little” sin am I allowing to stick around because it seems too insignificant to worry about.  Is it gossip, lying, being negative, complaining, selfishness, pride, jealousy?  I’m really searching my heart because I know any amount of sin will separate me from God and keep my prayers from being answered.  I remember writing a post similar to this titled “Littered Road, Littered Heart”.  I think this is an area all people need to re-check and keep tabs on because these “little” sins the world doesn’t see as wrong, can wreck havoc on our lives. Sometimes these things are not easy to just rid ourselves from and we need help: God’s help.  Sometimes it helps to pray with others and allow another brother or sister in Christ to stand in the gap for you as you work through it and hold you accountable. I have been blessed with close family and friends who I can turn to, but maybe you don’t have anyone who prays for or with you.  If so, I’d like to invite you to allow Matt and I to pray with you.  If you need prayer today for anything, and you would like us to pray for you, please private message us on our Facebook page.  We hope everyone has a very blessed day!


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