Pole Barn…Part 4

Well…..we got sidetracked with a few things and I’m just now catching up on the pole barn progress among other things.  Matt and the boys finished framing the pole barn during the hot summer days.  It still warms my heart seeing them work together for a common goal.







One last minute decision we made was to install a drain in the center of the pole barn.DSCN7797DSCN7801





Once the drain and forms were finished we brought in the concrete crew:  even Matt wasn’t willing to try his luck at pouring the concrete (which I’m very thankful he sat that one out).DSCN7815





The guys made quick work of making sure the ground was level and then laying out the re-bar on 1′ centers before beginning to add the supports to keep the re-bar centered in the concrete.  After the remaining prep work was completed on both pads, the concrete trucks started arriving to pour the 5″ slab.

DSCN7829DSCN7823 DSCN7824


DSCN7834 DSCN7839 DSCN7845






The slabs are done and now just need time to cure before cutting in the expansion gaps to keep the concrete from cracking.


Isaac felt sorry for the guys having to work outside on such a hot day so he made them chocolate chip cookies and Gatorade for all the guys to enjoy.

DSCN7849 DSCN7851

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