Pole Barn…Part 5

Once the concrete had cured, Matt and the boys began building the garage door frame, adding 2x blocking on every post in between the 2x horizontal rows, and installing the wall and roof panels with 7/16″ OSB.








We primed the bottom, inside and outside, of every OSB panel that would be installed on the bottom of the walls.  We only did this as an added way of protecting the paneling from moisture which can cause swelling.







Installing the paneling was pretty straightforward as long as you remember to offset the panels to keep from having the panel ends lining up with each other.  Thank God my boys do the work while I take pics and keep the Gatorade and snacks coming.







Before paneling the front of the building, we added four panels of 19/32″ OSB to make an attic floor in the open space above the garage.












Before we began installing the exterior paneling, we wrapped the entire building with Tyvek from top to bottom to keep moisture out.



We installed the side paneling and trim before installing the roofing materials so that it made painting quick and easy not having to tape anything off.  DSCN8014After the roofing materials were installed (a buddy took care of that for us) we came back and finished priming and painting the panels that we had left unfinished. Installed the garage door and side door, added some gravel, and then took a much needed break.  Now on to electrical……

DSCN8159 DSCN8158 DSCN8157 DSCN8155

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