Another Pond

Well…we wanted a pond that we could see from our living room, so, thus began our third pond.  We outlined where we wanted it with the tractor and box blade.
DSCN8385 DSCN8391

But…Matt quickly remembered how long the last pond took us, and then decided to call in the “big guns,” also known as his friend Greg.


DSCN8397 DSCN8402



Greg did an awesome job and finished it up in about two days.


DSCN8415  DSCN8411





Isaac wanted to take Greg some lunch and cookies since he doesn’t stop dozing for lunch.  Matt ended up wanting to make the center of the pond a little bit deeper still, so out with the tractor and rippers he went.

DSCN8419DSCN8431 DSCN8433





Shortly after digging the pond we got our first rain, which began the filling process, and allowed for Isaac and Chief a new place to swim!

DSCN8565 DSCN8566 DSCN8570





DSCN8572All in all, just another FUN project!  Now bring on the rain!!!

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