First Signs Of Spring!

Small reflections of Spring are springing up everywhere! 🙂  Our apple tree is beginning to show signs of life. That is what I absolutely love about Spring…new life! Did you know that deciduous trees lose their leaves as a means of survival? They have to shed off the old leaves to conserve water so that they are able to survive the winter months. Sometimes, we too, need to “shed” things in our lives in order for “new life”. Sometimes we shed extra tasks that steal our time.  Sometimes we shed bad habits, bad decisions, or unhealthy relationships.  I asked God what I should shed during this season of life, and the answer I got seemed a lot harder than simply taking something off my schedule. God reminded me of a few lies that I tend to hold on to like constant companions. Lies that tell me I’m not good enough.  Lies that tell me I have nothing to say and that I’m not smart enough, pretty enough, talented enough. Lies that tell me I have nothing to offer the world. I know that is not true based on what the Word of God says about me, although sometimes I find it hard to see what I truly have that is valuable to the world around me. I honestly wasn’t even going to write this post, because who wants to hear me talk, right? Most people just want to see what we’ve done to the house or land.  Most of that is done by Matt, not me. Again, nothing to offer it seems. My wise and intelligent husband encouraged me to write it anyway. The real problem is not that I don’t have anything to offer, but that I fear what I have to offer isn’t good enough or useful for anyone. Taking the example from my little apple tree, I choose to shed those lies today (I’ve learned this is a daily choice) and even publish this post, even if it is of no help to anyone but me. The “shedding” process isn’t always easy but I would rather live in the freedom of God’s grace than grasp on to things that hold me back. Little by little I’m working at letting go of my fears and the lies about myself I tend to embrace so tightly.  As I do so, I begin to see little buds of life in myself. Before long I know it will produce beautiful fruit, just like my apple tree. apple tree

“See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” Isaiah 43:19Creek

One thought on “First Signs Of Spring!

  1. Our Bible Study class is learning about the schemes of satan that he uses to cripple us, make us less effective. One statement last night I read said he commits lies but it is more like murder because if he is successful he kills everything that God would have us do. In this example, had he been successful we would not have been encouraged by the Word that God gave you today. Sarah 1 devil 0

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