New Dock for the New Pond

After the pond was finished, we decided we wanted a dock (8’x20′) to sit out over the water to watch the sun sets – For the detailed description of how we built our dock including pictures, you can go to our How to Build a Dock page under the Land tab or just click on the link.  We laid out where the initial two posts would stand and began the process.  Christian and Matt tried digging the post holes with post hole diggers but that proved futile seeing as how we have a high clay content.  So…we purchased a PTO driven post hole auger which made quick work of digging the holes.DSCN8470 DSCN8501




We dug the post holes, and then began the framing.

DSCN8534 DSCN8536 DSCN8541






DSCN8548 DSCN8550








Once the base framing was completed we attached pressure treated deck boards, and then began the upper framing including setting the ridge board.










And of course, Isaac and Chief slipped off from the work and took a swim.



We began building the roof joists and fascia.







To set the angle of our roof joists we simply laid the first one against the ridge board and top plate, and marked it.  Then replicated the cut roof joist onto the remaining joists.





After nailing the roof joists in place, we added fascia boards to tie them together.
DSCN8600 DSCN8601 DSCN8602





Next, we added 7/16″ OSB sheathing to the roof framing, and then attached 1″x6″ cedar boards as trim around the roof edges (trim not shown until end).




After that, we built 4′ wide stairs.  We ended up placing the stairs on the left side of the dock, instead of in the middle, because the water funneled into the pond on the right side of the dock.

DSCN8652 DSCN8653 DSCN8654





Added some additional bracing across the tops of the roof joists just for support.






After that, installed the felt and shingles (actually had a buddy do it as a trade for some metal we had), and finished it off with a little paint.  I think it’s ready for some comfortable chairs and a good nap!


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