New Front Porch…Part 2

With the monstrous posts set in concrete and squared up, the boys moved on to framing.  As we said in Part 1, for the complete instructions and pictures of How to Build a Deck or Porch with a Roof click on the highlighted link.  The framing went fairly smoothly and easily doable with two people, or so it looked like from my comfortable view in the air conditioned house on a soft couch. 🙂









Once the first half of the floor framing was complete and the two 6″ x 6″ posts were cut off level with the framing (shown in pictures), the boys began installing the 10′ deck boards.

Next, they cut the roof joists and then began the installation process for each.

















Then, they began installing 7/16″ OSB for sheathing on the roof.

DSCN9002 DSCN9000 DSCN8998








More to come in part 3…

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