New Front Porch…Part 3

Well…we (and when I say we, I mean Matt and the boys) finished covering the roof frame with 7/16″ OSB panels, and were ready to turn our attention to trimming the excess edges off the 2″x12″ boards, installing the fascia, and having the new roof installed.  As we said in Part 2, for the complete instructions and pictures of How to Build a Deck or Porch with a Roof Part 3 click on the highlighted link.






DSCN9003 DSCN9006  DSCN9008








Next, we began installing cement fiber board for our fascia, along with later adding 1″x2″ cedar boards along the top edge for the drip edge to attach to.  Installing the 1″x2″ cedar boards is not crucial, but we just prefer for the rain to have a gap between the drip edge and the fascia, and the 1″x2″ cedar boards provide that.

DSCN9025 DSCN9026 DSCN9027




We also added filler blocks in between the ends of the 2″x12″ support boards (pictured below after it was stained) so that there would not be a gap between them.  This is not crucial, just bugged us seeing the gap between the ends of the 2″x12″s.








As far as the roof replacement goes, we new we wanted to replace the 3 tab shingles with architectural shingles.  So, we went ahead and had a friend of ours, who has a roofing company, come in and rip off all the old shingles/materials and replace the entire roof.









At this point, the only things we have left to do are:  the deck railing, the stairs, and the always “fun” job of staining the wood.  We’ll show you how we did each of those in the final part of How to Build a Deck or Porch with a Roof Part 4.  And since we’ve actually already finished the deck completely and are just behind on updating our blog, the final New Front Porch pics should be up soon.

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