New Front Porch…Part 4

We finished off Part 3 with only the deck rail, stairs, and staining of the wood remaining.  As we said in the last post regarding the front porch/deck, you can look at the complete instructions and pictures on How to Build a Deck or Porch with a Roof Part 4 click on the highlighted link or go to the home page and click on House.  So we’ll begin with how we built the deck rail, which, like the rest of the deck, Matt prayed about how to build it and then just began based off the vision he felt like God gave him. He truly is a talented man and I get to benefit from all that skill!!

We agreed we wanted the deck rail to be roughly 34″ tall, so based off of that, we began laying out the rest of the measurements.





After that, we cut the length of the inside edges of the deck posts.  From there we cut the bottom deck rail board and attached them to the deck posts – we toe-nailed the boards to the deck posts making sure to keep the board faces level with each other. I really started to get excited at this point as I saw the vision in Matt’s head come to life.





Next, we cut 2″x4″ boards the length from the top of the top rail to the bottom of the bottom rail, and attached them to each end of the deck rail.  Then, we cut a 2″x6″ board the length of the deck rail and nailed it to the top of the deck rail framing creating a ledge to sit your drinks and food on, or just take a seat.  After that, we measured the deck rail by thirds and attached two 2″x4″ boards to give support to the deck rail as not to have a sag issue. Then, we simply cut additional 2″x4″ boards to fill in the remaining gaps in our deck rail making sure to measure the best gaps between each board before beginning to attach them.  We repeated this process all the way around the deck except for the staircase opening.










Once we finished the deck rail, we moved on to the stairs, which we used only pressure treated wood to build.










Once the frame was in place, being held on by a couple screws just to keep it from moving, we measured where our staircase posts would need to be set.  The posts we used were 6″x6″x8′ pressure treated which we buried about 2′ or more in the ground filling them with concrete and leveling them as we filled the holes.  We like to use a piece of angle iron as a packing rod as we increase the amount of concrete in the whole.














We then set the staircase frame back in place and attached it to the deck and staircase posts.  After that we attached the tread plates to the stringers (staircase frame).

We wanted to have two staircase rails per side since we have a lot of small nieces and nephews, and wanted to lessen the chance of them falling off the side of the stairs.  So, we used two 2″x6″ pressure treated boards per side making sure to set them at the same angle/height for each side of the staircase.















And lastly for the stairs, we measured and cut the stair posts to be level with each other and then installed 6″x6″ post caps.






Once the stairs were completed, we stained the entire deck and began laying out the flower bed…at least the beginning parts of the flower bed.

dscn9274 dscn9273 dscn9266









Matt envisions the building aspects of our home and I envision the decorating which includes the flower beds and landscaping. I have some pretty awesome plans for those, but like all things, it will take time. Come back to see us in the spring when we really get the flower beds coming to life!


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