New Outdoor Hydrant for the Backyard

One thing that excited me most about moving out to the country was having a large garden. We have lived here in our country home for years now and still no garden because of the many other projects that took priority. One day Matt and I decided we were just going to do it. We would dig and prepare the garden, and plant summer and fall seeds even though we were well into summer – it was mostly to just get it done. We would see what we could grow under rougher conditions, but then have it ready for winter to prepare the soil properly for the next Spring. I plan to post pics of the garden when I get around to it.  With us planting a new garden for the Summer / Fall season, we needed an outdoor hydrant near that area; especially since we were tired of dragging multiple hoses around to the backyard.  This was a somewhat simple project but one that took us at least 4 hours to complete – mostly due to the time it took to hand dig the trench for the new line.  For the complete How To Install An Outdoor Hydrant / Faucet showing the entire project, you can click on the link.
















Finally, no more dragging water hoses form the front yard to the back!

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