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Welcome to Roses and Wrenches.  We are glad you stopped by.  My name is Sarah and my husband is Matthew; together we have two very handsome sons along with our beautiful foster kiddos.   We were married roughly a year after we graduated High School and through God’s grace celebrated our seventeenth year anniversary December of 2015.  I am a school teacher and Matthew is the campus pastor for The Church at Downtown.   By most standards we are a typical working family. We’ve had our ups and downs, joys and sorrows, successes and failures, etc., but through it all we continue to work toward our dreams together (sometimes they change while in pursuit) and remember where every blessing comes from (God alone).  A few desires began to build within us starting in 2009.  The first of which was to work toward becoming debt free.  Second, to open our home to children who needed one. And third, to have a small farm that our family and friends could enjoy together.  This blog shows part of our journey in making this dream a reality.  As I’m sure you’ll see through reading our blog, neither one of us is extremely smart nor overly talented in any one area.  However, we’ve continued to believe, pray, dream, and work diligently at pursuing our goals regardless of what happens around us. Although its not been easy pursuing goals that sometime feel hopelessly far off, we love getting to go through it as a family, and hope each of you reading this gets to enjoy the same.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi,

    I was reading

    You say the following in your blog
    “I ended up having to remove the small, exhaust studs in order to create enough gap to install the block off plate”

    Can you explain exactly what you mean. I assume you loosened the nuts. Did you then have to unscrew the studs and take them out completely.

    Thanks for any clarification. Trying to figure out if this is worth doing and if there is any chance I can really screw it up.


    • The exhaust studs I ended up removing are what the nuts are threaded onto. Once the nuts and studs are removed completely, it is easy to install the block off plate. Take your time, it is not a difficult procedure, but you definitely have to hold your hand just right to re-start the exhaust studs. Good luck bud!

  2. Hi there. Excellent blog on the removal of spark plugs in the Lincoln MKX. I do all my own work and ever since the car manufactures came out with putting engines in crosswise they are tough to work on to get the back spark plugs out. Your blog showing how to do this was excellent. I knew I could do this without your blog but was glad I found it. It made the job much easier and reaffirmed my work as I went along. If I may have couple of observations. Your photos are excellent but if you would reference back to your text with a number to a corresponding part of your blog it would make it easier to know where you are in relation to the engine. Also, when removing the spark plug boot/coils insist that the wire to the boot is removed. While you can remove the assembly as one, if you remove the wire then you can rotate the coil almost 180 degrees and as you do pull up and the boots will pop off the spark plug. If for some reason the end of the boots separate you can buy just the end of the boots and replace them. There a little pricy but compared to replacing the coil assembly there reasonable. I pulled 5 of 6 boots having the wire attached and it was hard to pull them. When I detached the wire and spun the coil it came right out. Who would have known. ha-ha

    Again, great instructions, kudos to you. Now have you ever considered doing a video of it? 😉

    Keep up the great work

    Wayne F. Dibert

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