How To Replace the Blend Door Actuator on a Chevy / GMC Truck 2000-2006

This is a very straightforward repair with minimal time and tools.  You’ll need a ratchet along with a 7mm & 8mm socket.  Depending upon if you desire to completely remove the cover, you’ll need a deep 7mm socket and/or extension.  There are two, and sometimes three, 7mm head screws holding the underside dash cover on the passenger side near the floor.  They are evenly spaced toward the center of the cover, but the innermost screw is more difficult to get to because of floor clearance – it is not crucial to remove the innermost screw.  I did however, simply to show you its location.








Once the cover is out of your way, remove the 3 and/or 5 wire connector from the blend door actuator.  Then, remove the two 8mm head screws, and pull down on the actuator.









Once removed, replace with the new actuator making sure to align the bottom of the blend door tab with the medal and/or plastic insert in the actuator.  You’ll push the actuator upward into place, and then install the two 8mm head screws.  REMEMBER, do not attach the wiring harness connector to the actuator until after you have finished installing the actuator.  With the actuator installed, plug the connector back in.  Start your vehicle, and verify proper operation of the blend door actuator, and then re-install the plastic cover.










Congratulations!!!  You just did the job yourself, and saved yourself some money!