How to Remove Drywall (Sheetrock)

Removing drywall is pretty simple but definitely labor intensive; especially in a mobile home. Unlike drywall in a typical stick built home, drywall installed in a mobile home has hundreds to thousands of staples and nails, along with glue, holding the drywall to the wooden, wall studs.  Also, in a mobile home, the drywall is installed vertically instead of horizontally.  The basic tools you’ll need are shown in the picture to the left.  DSCN6911You’ll need to remove trim, moldings, bead board, etc. before removing any of the drywall.  Below is a picture of metal trim around the fireplace that we are removing along with the bead board beside it.  To remove trim, without damaging the surface behind it, use a 3-4″ flat blade, putty knife laid against the drywall and slide a flat pry bar under the edge of the trim while prying away from the wall while pressing against your putty knife:  you’ll also see a picture below of us removing door trim using this procedure.

Sarah Iphone 396DSCN6910 Gloves and safety glasses are optional but it would be wise to wear them both.  After removing all of the trim, moldings, bead board, etc. covering the drywall, I start by taking a flat pry bar and digging it into the edge of a full sheet of drywall with the help of a hammer.  Once I begin to lift some of the drywall off of the wall stud I continue working my way down the sheet until I can grab hold of an entire sheet and begin pulling the entire sheet off as one piece.  Pulling off drywall in full sheets is the easiest way to remove it and haul it out of your home.  However, many times you’ll find that, due to glue, only parts of the sheet will come off thus forcing you to remove the remaining pieces with your pry bar and hammer.

Sarah Iphone 398

Sarah Iphone 422                      Sarah Iphone 423  Once the drywall is removed, then you are ready to begin pulling out ALL of the staples and nails along with the glue.  This is crucial in order to prepare your wall for installing new drywall against a flat, clean surface.  Drywall creates a lot of debris, most of which your local trash service will not want to pick up.  Therefore, it’s a good idea to rent a dumpster large enough for your project or pay someone to haul it off for you.  Most trash companies will pick up small amounts of drywall per stop but when you’re removing drywall from one or more rooms at a time they’ll probably leave it on your curb.

DSCN6133   After you have finished prepping your walls for the new drywall, plan on taking at least one day off to just relax and thank God your done with that.  Congratulations, the worst is behind you!

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