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Staining Fiberglass Doors

Staining Fiberglass Doors

Did you know you can stain fiberglass?  One of my favorite products I’ve found is “General Finishes, Gel Stain”.  It works on anything it seems.  I’ve stained the kitchen cabinets (post about that soon!!), furniture, and now fiber glass doors.  I chose to stain the inside of our outside doors with the gel stain.  I … Continue reading

Is it the Front Door or the Back Door?

Our property is on a dead end gravel road with a handful of other families.  Upon turning down this road one would see our property first with what appears to be the front of the house facing the road, but as you keep driving you are actually taken   behind the house.  When folks pull into … Continue reading

Mud, Tape, and Paint

Mud, Tape, and Paint

What had me singing at the top of my lungs?  The sounds of sweet relief, that’s what! The only things we had planned to hire out for this massive home remodel was the mud and taping process for the drywall.  We wanted smooth walls and knew a professional would have to do it to get the … Continue reading

Drywall installation

For step by step instructions on how to install drywall click here. This was another very long process for us as Matt and our oldest son did all the work themselves. As mentioned above, to see how to install drywall click on the link above. Before the drywall could be put up we opted for … Continue reading

New Electrical

Once the new walls were in Matt had to run all new electrical through the walls.  Because we are using half inch drywall, Matt simply used a permanent marker to mark each electrical box at a half inch depth so it made it quicker to install. Matt followed the electrical code by installing light switches … Continue reading

Building the walls

Once everything was removed from the home that we no longer wanted, it was time to rebuild all the interior walls.  The boy’s rooms were both expanded a little which gave them more bedroom space.  It made the living room just a tiny bit smaller but we barely notice. We removed Isaac’s closet and built … Continue reading

Demolition Day!

  We started off by pulling down the drywall.  For a step by step how to remove drywall click here. These pictures were taken with my phone so they are not the clearest but you can get the idea. My little karate boys always wanted to know what it felt like to punch through a … Continue reading

Mobile Home Decision

Our land neighbor put his mobile home and additional 13 acres up for sale.  His land butts up to ours and so we had this crazy notion to purchase it, sell our house, and finally get to move out to our beloved land.  I was hesitant to want to buy a mobile home at first … Continue reading